Monday, February 25, 2013

Pharmacy Burger - Nashville

The day after a wedding is always a little hazy, but this time things were a little different. Where most weddings will have an ample supply of food, good times, and booze, this Kentucky affair also featured a bourbon tasting bar. It was a brilliant and dangerous idea whose effects were somewhat mitigated by a complimentary breakfast buffet the next morning. With hash browns calming my bourbon soaked stomach, it was just a matter of packing my bags and making the drive to Nashville. Unfortunately, a lazy start to the day had me arriving in town in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. Since my free bed wouldn’t be available for three or four hours, I decided the best thing to do was find a late lunch and that is what lead me to Pharmacy Burger.

After navigating the pitfalls of parking, I decided to see how well Pharmacy Burger makes a wurst, bockwurst to be exact.
Described as combination of beef, pork, and dark lager, this sausage was served on a small mountain of sauerkraut.
On its own this wurst was smoky, meaty, but with a grainy and simply overcooked texture.
Combined with the sweet sauerkraut and mustard the sausage had its merits but eaten alone the bockwurst showed potential but disappointing execution.

With the bockwurst came a pretty substantial side of fries.
A few crispy ends and a generous dose of salt made for a nice side of French fries.

From house made sausages to organic Tennessee beef, it was time for a cheeseburger.
Looking a bit compacted, the first thing that stood out was the Provence roll made especially for Pharmacy Burger.
Reminiscent of an English muffin, the bun was pleasantly sweet and in excellent proportion to the patty.
Ignoring the icy tomato slice, I was surprised at the combined richness and oiliness of the garlic aioli, cheddar, and the buttered bun. The bacon was surprisingly crisp and even keeled, especially in comparison to the rest of the toppings.
At the heart of this cheeseburger was well cooked, medium rare patty, quite a feat for its size.
While I did miss the seared crust of a pan fried burger, what struck me was there wasn’t much beefy flavor or at least not enough to stand up to the toppings. However when all the components were taken together, it was a suitable cheeseburger.

Skipping the milkshakes and malts for a double dose of savory, I had a hard time figuring why there was such a fuss over the burgers and sausages of Pharmacy Burger. The bockwurst had a well rounded flavor but an overcooked and grainy texture kept things grounded and the cheeseburger while rich was lacking any of the big beef flavor that makes a burger truly worth eating. As is always the case with these one shot deals, I could have well hit Pharmacy Burger on an off Sunday, but with such infrequent visits to Nashville, I’ll take my chances elsewhere.

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