Wednesday, January 25, 2012

La Boulangerie - New Orleans

Whenever I make the slow drive down Magazine Street towards River Bend, I’ll often find myself lost in the sea of passing buildings. Being New Orleans, every building seems to be in a state of what some would call disrepair; I prefer to think of them as buildings with character. Regardless of your opinion, there’s one building that’s hard to miss on Magazine Street. Cloaked in a brilliant blue with gold and white accents, La Boulangerie has been hailed as New Orleans’ own little slice of Paris, complete with quality pastries and vaguely snobbish attitudes.

Although I’ve stopped at La Boulangerie on many prior visits, most recently my 2011 king cake run, this time it was for breakfast. Naturally the hardest decision one must make at any bakery is deciding what to order and La Boulangerie is no exception. Between the varieties of croissants, Danishes, and other butter and flour creations, there didn’t seem to be a wrong answer.

I decided to go for the dual threat and ordered a chocolate almond croissant. Armed with a pastry-laden plate and a cup of steeping tea, it was time to inspect my purchase.

Maybe it’s a misconception, but I expect croissants to be relatively light. This croissant was quite the opposite. Heavy for its size, I imagined there was more to this pastry than met the eye.
Topped with sliced almonds and a healthy dose of confectioner’s sugar, I imagined that would be the extent of the almonds in this almond croissant.

A quick cut with a knife revealed the truth. This croissant was stuffed to the gills with frangipan and two seams of chocolate. It was a delightful juxtaposition; a light, flaky, and buttery pastry filled with rich chocolate and a double dose of almond.

Wonderful as it was, it was simply too much. These are the sort of problems I have at La Boulangerie. Their products are simply too good, too rich, and too filling, but I can hardly resist them; it’s a fantastic predicament to be in.

La Boulangerie Address & Information

4600 Magazine St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70115 // 504.269.3777

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