Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Roxx Tavern - Atlanta

When you look at the Urban Spoon profile page for the Roxx Tavern, you’ll probably notice that there is not a link to their website. That may be a little odd in this day and age, but it’s still relatively common, however the plot thickens when you see a link to their menu. A quick click on the link will take you to site for the Roxx Tavern Fan Club. Written by a “A fan who is hypercritical, very high maintenance, and usually right”, this site offers a fan’s look at Roxx Tavern and a look at their clientele. With that in mind, I decided to give this oft overlooked Cheshire Bridge outpost a try and see how they’ve cultivated such a devoted fanbase.

Knowing where to start is never easy, but the Thai Shrimp Cocktail is what stood out to me.


Well cooked, juicy shrimp, a creamy sauce, and a hint of Thai spice, the Thai Shrimp Cocktail was firing on all cylinders. Aside from the superb combination of cream sauce and crunchy shrimp, what really stood out to me was the similarity to Bonefish’s Bang Bang Shrimp.

Since two appetizers are better than one, an order of the potato ruins arrived soon after the Thai Shrimp.


How can you go wrong with twice cooked potatoes and a dipping sauce?

There isn’t a lot to this dish, just the delightful mix of crunchy potato edges and pillow soft interiors.

Never one to turn down the prospect of a quality burger, I turned to the eponymous Roxx Burger for my entrée.


Crinkle cut fries, a hefty bun, and a grilled ground chuck patty, this could be the perfect example of the bar burger.
Well, the provolone and basil mayo take this bar burger a step higher than your average bar fare.


Cooked a beautiful medium rare, this burger had a tangible beefy flavor that was only complimented by the basil mayo. There’s nothing pretentious about this hamburger, this is simply an example of basic ingredients prepared well. As for the fries, on their own, they’re neither good nor bad just occupied space on the plate but with the addition of a little turkey gravy, they quickly justify their existence.

With my burger finished and my check paid, I could immediately see why Roxx Tavern has such a fervent following. The food is well priced, well prepared, and most importantly, quite tasty. Even though this was my first time there, the affable wait staff and friendly atmosphere made me feel that Roxx could quickly become one my favorite Atlanta haunts. It looks like I may have to join the ranks of the Roxx Tavern fan club.

Roxx Tavern Address & Information

1824 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324 // 404.892.4541 // Roxx Tavern Fan Club // Roxx Tavern Menu

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