Monday, October 3, 2011

Fritti - Atlanta

I can’t remember the last time I had a pizza at Fritti and that’s a shame. There wasn’t a particular reason I stopped frequenting the Inman Park pizzeria, quite the contrary, I can recall many of my DC to Jackson trips including a stop at Fritti. I suppose the name was lost in the fray of exploring the ever-expanding number of quality Atlanta restaurants. Well, it was time for a change. I just got off my plane from New York and I was looking forward to a late lunch in Inman Park.

Apparently Fritti has gone through a few significant changes in the four or five years since I last visited. There’s a new oven in the kitchen and an accreditation from the AVPN (Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana). Other bloggers have covered this certification in more detail, but the AVPN certification requires a variety of specific components such as a type 00 flour, sea salt, water with a ph between 6 and 7, and many others. While these rules & regulations are all very interesting, it’s how the pizza tastes that really matters.

However before delving into the pizza section of the menu, I had to take a look at Fritti’s arancini

With several Christmases of arancini attempts under my belt, I’m always intrigued to see how a restaurant handles this dish.

Beneath the crispy fried exterior is a ball of well cooked, short-grain rice and a delightful sausage filling. Coupled with a cup of marinara sauce for dipping, this was simple, hearty, and an extremely satisfying appetizer.

Even though Fritti is extremely proud of their AVPN approved pizzas, I was looking for something a little spicier than the classic marinara or margherita pizza. As a result, I looked to the Neopolitan section of the pizza menu and ordered the salame piccante.


AVPN certification or not, this was a well made pizza.

Each slice had a crispy, slightly charred on the edge, and chewy crust, a bite of spicy salami, the briny pungency of black olives, and a simple sauce.

Per usual, there were many stones left unturned on the Fritti menu, but from what I tried, things have only gotten better at Fritti. Maybe next time, I actually try a pie from the AVPN section of pizzas. In the end, even though my Atlanta pizza allegiance may leans towards Antico, if I’m in the Inman Park area, I wouldn’t hesitate to pay Fritti another visit.

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309 N Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307 // 404.880.9559 // Fritti Website // Fritti Menu // Fritti Reservations

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you've got to stop all these atlanta posts, andrew. you're really exacerbating my fervor to move to atlanta! -merry :)