Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ormsby's - Atlanta

This wasn’t my first time at Ormsby’s. No, that first meal can best be recalled as post concert blur of parrotheads and oddly chilly April nights. This time was different, it was a late lunch in early July and I was meeting Jennifer before I began the trip back to Jackson. Ormsby’s may seem like an odd choice for that time of day as there was no time to explore the beer menu or take in a game or two of bocce, but truth be told, there aren’t a lot of quality options at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Running late for my departure or not, time was made for an order of beer battered pretzels.

Dipped in beer and sprinkled with sizeable salt crystals, this was a fine pretzel, very tender and doughy. Of course, no pretzel is complete without a side of mustard and Ormsby’s serves a pungent one. Any worries of congestion were vanished with liberal applications of mustard on pretzel.

Although the Bruno Burger with its half pound of grass-fed beef was tempting, I had to try Uncle Lenny’s Shaved Roast beef if only because the description mentioned pot roast gravy.
Served with a pile of fries and choice of two dipping sauce, it was just the light lunch I needed for the six hour drive west.
The fries at Ormsby’s may be well salted and quite numerous but their limp, flaccid texture made them go largely untouched.


As for the sandwich, it was an equally large amount of thinly sliced & juicy roast beef

topped with plenty of rich, but oddly congealed gravy. Like you’d expect from this amount of beef and gravy on such a small hoagie roll, spills were inevitable but they didn’t detract from what was a simple but damn tasty sandwich.

Of course, I can’t forget that little cup of Ormsby’s homemade cheese whiz


If I had to single out just one positive attribute of this surprisingly delicious homage, it’s that this cheese made the disappointing fries worthwhile. Limp or not, the well salted Ormsby’s fries with their homemade whiz is a match made in beer fueled heaven.

While Ormsby’s may be known for their bocce, darts, and multitude of other beer hall games downstairs, it’s comforting to know that a meal of quality bar food is always available, even if you wait till three in the afternoon to have lunch.

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1170 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 // 404.968.2033 // Ormsby’s Website // Ormsby’s Menu

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