Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hobnob - Atlanta

For anyone who has taken the time to read this pokey little website in the past few years, they’ve probably realized that I have an ever growing number of dishes and foods that I seek out. What started out a few years ago as the poorly named “Epic Bacon Cheeseburger Quest” has evolved into my eternal vigilance in the search for a quality hamburger. Along the way, I’ve added a number of things to my search including pho, mapo tofu, fried chicken, roast beef po-boys, the list has become practically endless. Why do I bring this up? It’s a poorly conceived transition into talking about Hobnob and their poutine.

Frustrated by a seemingly endless array of bastardized poutine, specifically the shameless imposter named “sloppy fries”, I’m now cautiously optimistic when I hear that a restaurant has poutine on the menu. All that considered, I was still excited when I was told that Hobnob has poutine on their menu, but like many restaurants it was pushed to the backburner. However, just before the fourth of July, I needed lunch before heading back west and Hobnob’s location would help me avoid a fair amount of 85-S traffic. So, a quick drive down Piedmont later, the car was valet parked and it was time to see if Hobnob’s poutine was up to the challenge.

Fries, homemade peppered brown gravy, and salted mozzarella cheese curds


I wasn’t expecting the mozzarella curds but when combined with the big, beefy gravy it made for artery clogging goodness.

Sadly, the fries did not hold up their end of the bargain. If you’re going to heave the hearty richness of gravy and cheese on your plate, you need a crisp, resilient fry to stand up to them not this bland, limp shell of a French fry. It’s a shame, this had the makings of a quality order of poutine.

If one starch lets you down, look to another.

Hobnob’s soft pretzels arrive glistening in the light, each piece of coarse salt glowing ever so white.


There’s not much to say about these pretzels. They’re soft pieces of salt encrusted dough with a beer and cheese dipping sauce. I wasn’t expecting a pretzel revelation and I didn’t get one; these are simply honest, satisfying pretzels; bar food that everyone can enjoy.

When it came to an entrée, it was a murder’s row of comfort food creations. Braised short rib and lamb pizza, seafood stew, pot roast, hanger steak, and of course burgers, I had heard about Hobnob’s burgers. Well, to be specific, I had read about the lamb burger, but it was the Taverner that caught my eye.

Those familiar with the Hobnob menu will notice that I did not get the standard double decker and there’s a good reason for that. It’s a 400 mile drive back to Jackson from Atlanta and even though I’ve driven the route countless times, I wasn’t too interested in making the trek with a solid pound of beef in my stomach. But to be fair, eight ounces of beef, fontina cheese, hobnob sauce and crisp bacon isn’t exactly a light lunch


As for the burger itself, it was a rather imposing eight ounces of meat with a big, pronounced chargrilled flavor and the beefiness to match.

The bun may have looked large at first but that doughy bulk captured every drop of juice from the burger.

The hobnob sauce was akin to a spicy honey mustard and when combined with the as promised crisp bacon, they made for fine burger additions.

Thanks to the Hobnob burger, any poutine fueled doubts about Hobnob were completely erased. I still have my doubts about trying to tackle the full double decker Taverner burger, but when I feel the need for quality bar food or a taste of home with an above average beer selection, I know where I can turn.

Hobnob Neighborhood Tavern Address & Information

1551 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30324 // 404.968.2288 // Hobnob Tavern Website // Hobnob Tavern Menu // Hobnob Tavern Reservations

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