Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yeah! Burger - Atlanta

It’s time for more hand ground, cheese topped burger goodness. For this installment, I made my way to Howell Mill Road for a little wine at Perrine’s and lunch at Yeah! Burger.

Since opening last year, I’ve read mixed reviews about Yeah! Burger. Some like Food Near Snellville and Todd Brock of Serious Eats praised Shaun Doty’s latest venture for the White Oak Farms beef, the sheer variety of choices, and the special seasonings. Others, such as Foodie Buddha and Eat It Atlanta , have been less complimentary. Hoping to carve out my own opinion, I did my best to decipher the menu, placed an order, and took a seat to see which side of the Yeah! Burger aisle I’d call home.

Even though I had come to Yeah! Burger for their namesake, I lost sight of my goal when I read about their sandwich of the month for April, the lobster roll.

Named their “special” lobster roll, this small mountain of lobster was dished up with house buttermilk mayo and copious amounts of celery, green onions, and greens.


This lobster roll had good intentions. The big chunks of lobster were juicy and perfectly cooked.
and the subtle twang of the buttermilk mayo was a welcome addition but there was just too much of everything.

Calling this roll unwieldy would be too kind. As soon as I picked up the bun, everything started to fall apart. Pretty soon there was a growing pile of lobster in the tray, but the roll was still overflowing with meat. While I did enjoy the peppery bite of the greens, this lobster roll was just too over the top. Is lobster with a minimal amount of mayo and celery really too much to ask?

Moving on to the burgers, I decided to start simple and get a burger on white with cheddar.

Two beef patties topped with beautifully melted cheese, it’s a work of art.

One thing that stood out was just how much bun there was for this burger.

As expected, Yeah! Burger does cook their burgers a little too long but with each came a well-seasoned rush of salt and pepper but nothing particularly beefy to go with it.

This burger and its cheese had a great looking exterior, but there wasn’t anything that wowed me. It’s a good burger, but not outstanding.

By any standard that should have been more than enough food, but I was intrigued by Yeah! Burger’s section of hot dogs, particularly the chili & cheese dog and the southern dog. I decided to save the pimento cheese and hot Alabama relish for another time and order the chili & cheese dog instead.


Resting on top of that Coleman Natural grass-fed, nitrate-free dog were onions, American cheese, and a prodigious amount of Shaun’s red chili. I knew I should have asked if the chili had beans.

While the hot dog, onions, and cheese were astounding, I was disappointed in the chili. Even outside the beans, there wasn’t much depth to the chili’s flavor. It had a touch of lingering heat and that’s it.
Aside from the lackluster chili, this was a superb hot dog. The bun was crunchy from the griddle, the dog was juicy and beefy, really the perfect foundation.

After the lobster roll, burger, and hot dog, I’m still not exactly sure where I stand on the subject of Yeah! Burger. I barely scratched the surface of the myriad of available combinations but I wasn’t blown away by what their burgers had to offer. Sure, it was a decent burger, but nothing ground breaking. Maybe I should have expanded my choice of toppings, maybe I should have added a sauce or two, maybe Yeah! Burger shouldn’t cook their burgers so much. At the very least, I’ll be back at Yeah ! Burger to try more of their hot dogs, I’ll just leave the bean laden chili for someone else.

Yeah! Burger Address & Information

1168 Howell Mill Road, Suite E, Atlanta, GA, 30318 // 404.496.4393 // Yeah! Burger Website // Yeah! Burger Menu

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