Tuesday, March 22, 2011

China Delight - Atlanta

Dim sum on a weekday is always a dicey proposition but when you’re craving steamer carts, dumplings, and chili sauce, there’s nothing else that can really scratch that itch. Of course, being in Atlanta, I had a few choices. Since I’ve already enjoyed the weekday dim sum offerings of Ocean Palace and Canton House, I was looking for something different. Jennifer suggested China Delight. So we took a short excursion from the friendly confines Buford Highway and paid a visit to the dim sum house on the hill, China Delight.

Since this was a weekday dim sum lunch, there was just one steamer cart to choose from. Thankfully this cart was packed full of the usual assortment of dumplings. The pork siu mai seemed like an excellent place to start.
Wrapped in a decent skin, these siu mai were pork flavored simplicity. There wasn’t much in the way of juiciness but they got the job done.

Shrimp and snow pea tips don’t seem to be a very common combination, and that’s a shame.
Although the wrapper was annoyingly stretchy and doughy, the flavors of plump shrimp and forward snow peas made for a satisfying filling.

In the past few years, the Seen Juk Guen or bean curd rolls have become a fast favorite of mine.
Unfortunately these rolls fell flat. While the bean curd may have been a cross between juicy and greasy, the filling was one dimensional. Typically these rolls have an assortment of textures and flavors at work, but this was all pork.

Despite rarely ordering shark fin dumplings, but I decided to give these a try.
I realize that shark fin has no real flavor of its own but where was the silky texture that shark fin is renowned for? This was just a yellow tinged wrapper with pork filling and not much else.

Scallop dumplings wrapped in the shape of a nurse’s cap.
There wasn’t any clear, sweet scallop taste here, just the flavor of some seafood.

Would the shrimp suimai be an improvement compared to the pork?
Actually, yes they were. These sui mai were fresh from the steamer and overflowing with the subtle briny flavors of well cooked shrimp.

Showing up a little late to the party, it just wouldn’t be dim sum without har gao
If there’s one trend I noticed at China Delight it is that they do shrimp quite well. Sadly this wrapper was far too thick and shrouded any chance the shrimp filling had to shine.

Well, if the steamed shrimp didn’t work, how about the fried?
Still steaming from the deep fryer, these fried shrimp balls were the highlight of the meal. It was everything I could want, greasy, crispy and packed with a juicy shrimp center.

Although I might have done better to forget them, I can’t leave out the pai guat or pork spare ribs.
While quite meaty, these ribs miss the point. Steamed spare ribs are supposed to be meaty and fatty, unctuous with grease and tinged with the flavors of black bean and chilies. This was just some steamed pork spare ribs with one or two paltry black beans.

Overall it’s pretty much what I expected, nothing truly delicious, but not that bad. This was far from weekend A material but it was a Thursday morning. The fact that they even offer dim sum during the week is a novelty. While I’m curious to see if China Delight’s dim sum is any better on the weekend, when it comes to middle of the week dim sum, I’ll stick to the Canton House or Oriental Pearl.

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2390 Chamblee Tucker Road, Chamblee, GA 30341 // 770.986.0898
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