Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rosebud - Atlanta

There’s something entirely amusing about Rosebud. Maybe it’s that they serve a Monday night brunch menu. Maybe it is Rosebud’s chef Ron Eyester and his twitter handle @theangrychef. Whatever the source was, Jennifer and I were drawn to Rosebud for a quick lunch.

With a menu of American cuisine with a Southern twist and an emphasis on local products, it was hard to choose a starting point at Rosebud. In lieu of blindly throwing a dart at the menu, I convinced Jennifer it would be best to see the Rosebud interpretation of the Southern classic, pimento cheese.
I’m not really sure what part of this dish is housemade, but I was slightly disappointed to not see any bacon in the pimento cheese. It seems Parlor Market has really spoiled me when it comes to the mayo and cheese combination.
Apparently the saltines are housemade, but you could have fooled me. I thought they were just saltines topped with paprika and cayenne.
This was definitely a creamy pimento cheese. Each bite was easily spread on the crackers and overflowing with green and white onions. A nice touch was the spice of the crackers breaking up the cream richness of the pimento cheese.

It really does seem like chicken livers, in some form or the other, are on damn near every menu in Atlanta, and that’s a good thing. As often as I’ve had chicken livers be it in a mousse, mousseline, pate, fried, or any other preparation, I’ve rarely had a poor version in Atlanta. That’s why it was practically a given that I ordered the Chicken Liver Toast at Rosebud.
There’s always a little trepidation when I see balsamic vinegar on a plate. Much like blue cheese, restaurants seem to think that more is always better.
Served on top of large, toasted baguette slices, this was a smooth liver pate that was topped with relish and bacon.
I was an immediate fan of Eyester’s chicken liver appetizer. The bacon and pickle relish provided textural contrast to the liver and the balsamic was complimentary, not at all overpowering.

Though the idea of a kobe burger or buttermilk fried chicken was tantalizing, I decided to stick with an order of the Wild Georgia Shrimp & Grits.
Even though I’ve read the comments of some people maligning grits, they work quite beautifully with shrimp and this example is no exception.
With grits still a little al dente, and sweet, plump shrimp, this really was an excellent choice of entrée. The sauce that was rife with tomatoes, onions, and big pieces of andouille, played an excellent foil to the combination of shrimp and grits. I do wish there was a little more smokiness to the andouille and a bit of cayenne kick to the grits, but it’s the difference between Georgia shrimp & grits and Louisiana shrimp & grits.

Jennifer went for something a little different, the Greek Meatball
After stealing a meatball, I able to put a taste to the dish and was quite surprised at the herbaceous nature of the meatballs.
Each bite seemed to be overflowing with parsley, thyme, and maybe a little mint. It was a nice dish, but a little too herby for this application. I kept wishing for this to be either served with tzatiki or made more like an Italian meatball sub.

Let’s be frank, Rosebud is not the end all of Atlanta cuisine, but that was never its intention. From what I gathered, Rosebud is Eyester enjoying his craft. From the amusing twitter handle to the abundance of Grateful Dead accents, Rosebud has a certain joviality that’s refreshing. Even better, the food is quite good. Yes, I may have been a bit underwhelmed by the Greek meatball, but every other dish leads me to believe there really isn’t a bad choice at Rosebud. I’d love to try their Monday brunch or at the very least, their Springer Mountain Fried Chicken. So while I may not be gushing over my lunch at Rosebud, I will happily pay it another visit.

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