Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chevron Food Mart - Oxford

It seems like everyone has their favorite. At my school it was the Quick Pita Special, a mouthwatering combination of marinated chicken breast, garlic paste, tomatoes, and French fries all wrapped in a pita. If you preferred to stand in line for your food, there was always the Manoush dog. Sure, it was a dirty water hot dog, but it was the secret “Manoush sauce” that made it worth the wait. Of course, I’m talking about drunk food, every school has their greasy food of choice and at Ole Miss the food comes from the Chevron Food Mart.

Playing the role of the designated driver, it was up to me to pull into the Chevron and pick up the last part of the evening. I wasn’t sure what to get, so I followed the lead of my friends, the Ole Miss alums. In the end that meant the trinity.

The crispito, the pizza stick and the holy grail that is the chicken on a stick.

Starting with the two rolls, I had no idea what a crispito and pizza stick are supposed to be.

It looked a lot like 7/11 or cafeteria food.

Described as cream of chicken soup in a wrapper, I thought it tasted like spicy chicken tetrazzini stuffed into a doughy pastry skin.

As for the pizza stick, this is square pizza day for college kids.

I had heard about the wonders of the chicken on a stick from my Ole Miss friends, but I was shocked when Bon Appetit wrote about the Chevron Food Mart and their chicken on a stick. When I hear chicken on a stick, I can’t help but think of the Jackson area favorite, Penn’s Fish House. Come fall, when the fair rolls into town, everyone craves that salty fried trio of chicken, pickles, and onions.

Guess what? In Oxford, the chicken on a stick, is all chicken. They don’t mess around with any pickles or onions.

With all white meat, this really is a mixture of gummy, crispy, and all salty. There is a slight spice like a Cajun seasoning but this chicken on a stick is nothing but salty goodness and it’s damn hard to put down.

Ah, the wonders of drunk food, it’s amazing that something that tastes so poor in a sober state can be some mind altering delicious in an inebriated one. Needless to say, these three items fit the bill of drunken food to the letter. I can only hope that next time I can eat them in a proper frame of mind.

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