Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fat Tuesday's - Ridgeland

They say you can never go home; I guess that applies to sandwiches as well. In high school, Fat Tuesday’s was a favorite lunch spot for me and my friends. Tucked away behind an exercise equipment dealer, Fat Tuesday was a seedy hole in the wall that made a damn fine roast beef po-boy. However, those days are gone. Rising rent forced Fat Tuesday’s down Old Canton road to Ridgeland, and their former location is now part of a larger parking lot.

Well, when you’re looking for a sloppy roast beef po-boy, there aren’t too many options in town. It might be a long drive from my downtown office, but when you have a po-boy itch, it’s best to scratch it.

I can think of few simpler, unhealthier ways to start a meal than a nice serving of comeback and crackers.

Somewhere between remoulade and Thousand Island dressing, Fat Tuesday’s does have a tasty comeback

Peppery with a slight tartness, this is a tasty, fatty appetizer.

Unfortunately, it sort of goes downhill from here. Let’s start with an obvious fault, the French fries.

Yep, the fries are poorly cooked and are just as limp as the watery gravy.

Even with a healthy dose of salt and pepper, the best thing you can do with these gravy fries is avoid them.

What about the reason I came here, the roast beef po-boy? That’s not looking too great either.

It’s really just a sad sight.

For a po-boy there isn’t a lot of beef, but what’s there is cold and pretty lifeless. One huge downfall is the lack of gravy. A great thing about a dressed po-boy is how the gravy mixes with the mayo, lettuce, and other toppings to form a beautiful, messy sandwich. This is actually worse than Domilise’s roast beef po-boy.

I do like the crusty French bread, but this a mockery of a proper New Orleans po-boy. Things get a little better when I dip the sandwich in the French fry gravy, but overall this is just a situation of poor gravy, poor temperatures, and mediocre beef.

This is really a shame. A roast beef po-boy at Fat Tuesday’s used to be a great Saturday lunch, but apparently things have changed. Maybe the shrimp po-boy is what Fat Tuesday does best now. I’m sure I’ll pay Fat Tuesday another visit, but in the meantime I’ll have a moment of silence for a fallen hero, the Fat Tuesday’s roast beef po-boy.

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The Diplomat said...

the cherokee's roast beef poboy is great, especially if you get it on, I think, Monday, when roast beef is their blue plate special. and the open-faced hot roast beef at hal and mal's is a decadent and extremely satisfying mess of fries, beef and gravy.

Fran said...

That's too bad. I used to love eating their roast beef poboys with fried pickle chips dipped in ranch. Yum.

Bradley said...

I may have already commented on this, but in reference to your search for the best bacon cheeseburger in jackson, I believe I have found it. Walker's Drive-In Bacon cheeseburger (I get bleu cheese) at ten bucks and change with fries is perfect. Fresh ground beef cooked med-rare. Fries are ok, nothing to write home about, but damn this burger is great from bun to red onion. Try if you haven't.

Cynical Cook said...

-I never have eaten much from Cherokee, mostly because the last time I got take-out it was terrible, but I'll have to take a look at the roast beef. Hal & Mal's might be worth a second look too

-Yep, they just aren't the same. Although I'm wondering how much my tastes changed once I became acquainted with proper Nola po-boys.

-I think this the first time you mentioned the burger at Walker's. It does sound great, especially the med-rare. I'll have to stop by Walkers and see if the burgers are as good as you say.

Unknown said...

I was VERY pleasantly surprised at the sloppy roast beef poboy at Sal & Phil's down the street on Old Canton Rd. Not Acy's but the best I've had this side of the state line. The roast beef is actually cooked in the gravy making both better! Great crunchy/chewy N.O. french bread.

Cynical Cook said...

Sal & Phil's you say? I haven't been there in years. Looks like I need to pay them a visit.

Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Cynical Cook...we had an overall
awful experience there and the owner was down right HATEFUL to us and I was in tears when we left!!! He is one NUT JOB all because the snapper didn't taste so "fresh" and could we have a sandwhich! He began eating off my plate in front of the entire place and yelling at us! Please don't complain if you go back but I won't ever give him a dime. Oh and yes we were very polite hated to even mention the snapper but waiter kept pressing me on why I hadn't eaten my fish!

Cynical Cook said...


-Wow, that sounds like a horrifying experience. I can't say that I've ever been in a situation like that but I'll keep that in mind if I ever go back to Fat Tuesday.

Thanks for reading and sharing your story.

Anonymous said...

I am an expert on Fat Tuesday's! My husband and I have been going there for years. "The old shack" was far better than their new place. The hot roast beef poboy was the best ever --anywhere! Now, not so great. Still tasty, but not nearly as good as it once was. I miss the old "hole in the wall" when it was down the street in a shack. The food was great! Now, just mediocre and overpriced. A few weeks ago, I ordered an oyster poboy and got 3 oysters! Won't go again.

Anonymous said...

More drama has been going where the old man owner JT Thames has been cussing out patrons and using racial slurs!! He is certified LOONEY and needs a black eye!!

Anonymous said...

I really want you to go in armed with a cell phone on video and complain about your sandwhich!! It would be unbelievable to watch and WLBT on YOUR Side needs to post it. PLEASE

Anonymous said...

owner is a rude jerk food is very bad if you have children dont take them there because he cussing in front of kids and floor is dirty and plates and cup are dirty also the guy is a silly fool and needs to be out of business i will never go back by the way dead flies on floor and tables windows

Anonymous said...

place is terrible owner cussing aroud my kids flies everywhere dead dirt every where

Cynical Cook said...


-Thanks for sharing your experiences.