Sunday, October 18, 2009

Croissant D'Or - New Orleans

Whenever I head out of town, I always try and get a few recommendations for places to eat. The last time I was in New Orleans, my friend Stephen recommended Croissant D’Or as a place to check out; unfortunately, I didn’t make it down to the quarter. This time I was determined to see how good the golden croissant was for breakfast.

Located only a few blocks from Decatur, I was amazed I had never walked past Croissant D’Or. Walking inside, I was greeted by a charming neighborhood coffee shop with a whole litany of baked goods to choose from.

On one side of the counter were all the dessert items. There were plenty of napoleons and other sweets to choose from.

Further down was a huge selection of their namesake. It’s no easy task choosing the right croissant, especially when you can have almond, chocolate, apple, raspberry, blueberry, ham & cheese, or simply plain.

I decided to step with a couple of old standards and see how they were.

You can never go wrong with a chocolate or an almond croissant.

First up was the almond croissant.

I was already a fan of the presentation. The glaze and flecks of almond were a nice touch. Inside was a flakey and tender interior, but to my surprise there wasn’t any almond paste. As often as not, the almond croissants I’ve encountered have a bit of almond paste or what looks like marzipan in the middle. Even without the paste, this was a very good croissant.

Being a little sneaky, I was able to steal bite of a ham & cheese croissant.

There wasn’t too much ham, but the cheese had been liquefied and was simply delicious.

Lastly was the chocolate croissant.

The croissant was flakey and tender like the others, but inside this one was a nugget of bittersweet chocolate. Sure, I could complain there isn’t enough chocolate, but I’ve never seen a croissant stuffed to the gills with chocolate, and I don’t think I would enjoy it. Here you can savor the excellent pastry and have a few bites in the middle ameliorated with an excellent piece of chocolate.

What about the coffee?

Like their pastries, Croissant D’Or has a quality product in their coffee. I was surprised that the cafĂ© au lait had an almost natural sweetness to it.

Of course, I couldn’t leave Croissant D’Or without a to go box of pastries.

I helped myself to a few of the fleur de lys cookies, not to mention a few Napoleans and croissants. The bottom line is Croissant D’Or is more than worth a visit, but make sure you bring cash.

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