Sunday, August 16, 2009

Majestic Burger - Jackson (Part 2)

I really had no intention to pay Majestic Burger another visit, at least not so soon after writing about their Signature Majestic Burger. However there were a number of angry comments about my review of their burgers, and to appease my critics, I decided to pay Majestic Burger another visit.

It was near the end of lunch time when I walked into Majestic Burger, making it more than easy to find a seat inside, but first I had to order. After looking over the menu again, I asked for a few recommendations. The man working the counter was more than happy to recommend the Signature Majestic Burger and the Blue Cheese Burger.

Normally, I’d be all for trying the Signature Majestic again but I was looking to try something else. The Blue Cheese was a no go as well. I like blue cheese in small portions and I’ve never seen a blue cheese burger that wasn’t completely smothered in blue cheese. So, I decided to try another page from the playbook and I ordered the Chili Cheeseburger and the Texan.

Within seconds of sitting down, my burgers were brought to the table. I was amazed at the speed.

The Chili Cheeseburger was the first contestant.

I will readily admit there is no shortage of chili or cheese on this burger. It was interesting to see nice little flecks of tomato in the chili, but this chili was nothing too spicy. Also, I associate chili with a healthy dose of cumin, where was that in this burger? With chili both beneath and on top of the burger, I was struggling to taste anything else. I suppose this could be a case of too much a good thing, but either way, this Chili Cheeseburger was much better than the Signature Majestic Burger I had encountered in June.

Everyone I’ve asked about Majestic Burger has raved about the Texan Burger.

Topped with cheddar cheese, jalapenos, fried onions and barbeque sauce, there’s plenty to like about this burger.

Going in for the first bite, I was immediately a fan of the crisp onion rings and the sweet barbeque sauce, but I was left searching for the jalapeno heat. I really prefer my jalapenos inside the patty, but I would have been happy with some heat to these peppers. I soon noticed a second downside; while the sweet barbeque sauce was nice at first, with every subsequent bite the sauce lingered with too much sweetness for too long.

In an ideal situation, I would be able to visit every restaurant multiple times. That way I would be able to get a real feel for the restaurant and know if my first experience was abnormal. Unfortunately, time, distance, and cost make this a challenging task for many restaurants. Fortunately, I can do this with Jackson restaurants, and due to negative commentary, Majestic Burger jumped the line.

Yes, the service was much better this time, and my burgers were delivered almost suspiciously quickly. It was also nice to see the owner, Fred Sandier, behind the counter. More importantly both burgers were much better than the Signature Majestic Burger. However, I was still disappointed in the spice level for them both. It seems that a chili cheeseburger and “Texan” would be the perfect vehicle for an extra kick. In the end, I’m glad I tried Majestic burger again, but I’m still not convinced that it is “one of the best restaurants to come to Jackson”.

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Q said...

Great post. I prefer the turkey burger myself, but my wife agrees with your stance on Majestic being overrated.