Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blue Duck Tavern - Washington D.C.

Like Vidalia, Blue Duck Tavern is one of those restaurants that I never got around to trying when I was in school. Having enjoyed Vidalia, I figured there wouldn’t be a better time to enjoy a meal at the Blue Duck Tavern.

Once I was seated, I couldn’t help but notice the odd approach that Blue Duck Tavern had to the idea of the modern American Restaurant. The majority of the tables were little more than coffee tables surrounded by couches and arm chairs. Even stranger were the tables inside glass cubicles, a combination of privacy and display. Needless to say, the situation was unnerving at first, but I soon grew comfortable in my arm chair as I perused the menu.

A few minutes after taking my order, my waitress brought my appetizer.

I always enjoy a quality french onion soup, and I had been intrigued by the idea of a french onion soup souffle. At first glance everything seemed to be great. However, once I cut through the souffle, I had an unpleasant surprise.

The souffle itself was deliciously light and airy, but it obscured a much thinner French onion soup than I prefer. It lacked the depth of flavor that come from reducing the onions for hours.

Per the recommendation of my waitress, I ordered the braised beef rib for my entree.

It’s not often that you see a beef rib of that size, but it made for quite a stunning presentation.

Aside from the first piece being almost entirely fat, I was pleased to find the short ribs cooked extremely well and inundated with the beefy flavor that I’ve come to expect from a well cooked short rib.

In addition to the ribs, I decided to try the hand cut triple fries.

The fries were excellent. Not only were they crunchy on the outside, their thickness allowed them to be a little creamy on the inside. In addition to the excellent textures, the fries had just the perfect amount of salt & herb seasoning, making them an excellent companion to the rib and it’s stellar sauce.

After all the richness of the onion soup & the rib, I was delighted to find that the Tavern offered a variety of teas on their dessert menu.

Nothing is as soothing as a pot of white darjeeling tea after a heavy lunch. has some interesting description for restaurants, one label that is shared by both Vidalia & Blue Duck Tavern is “fit for foodies”, and I have to agree. Not only was Blue Duck Tavern a slice of cutting edge architecture and decor, the food was as fresh and well prepared as possible. It’s not often that a restaurant lists the source of all their menu items, but Blue Duck is confident enough in their suppliers to have their names proudly featured on the menu. It’s a refreshing trend, and something that makes me want to return to the Blue Duck Tavern.

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