Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bravo - Jackson

With Lisa’s arrival to Jackson, we would need a quick lunch before heading out Vicksburg. Per my mother’s suggestion, we headed to Bravo, the original Dan Blumenthal & Jeff Good restaurant. I’ve already written about their latest venture, the New York style pizza & ice cream join, Sal & Mookies; Bravo is their take on the classic Italian restaurant.

Celebrating its 14th year, Bravo has become a mainstay of the Jackson landscape, and is known for wood fired pizzas and a pretty decent wine list. However, we were there for lunch, and pizza just seemed over the top.

I’m always a fan of local brews, so I ordered some of Mississippi’s beer for me and Lisa. Lazy Magnolia is based in Kiln, and this is this flagship beer, southern pecan. Not a bad beer, Southern Pecan avoids the numerous pitfalls of nut flavored beers, namely bitterness.

Being in the low 60’s, drizzly and windy, I knew that soup could never be a bad choice. Bravo’s tomato basil is a pretty fair dish with a very creamy texture.

One thing that I almost always order at Bravo is their calamari.

Nicely seasoned and served with a caper studded marinara sauce, you really can’t go wrong with this calamari. Granted, I always doctor these up with prodigious amounts of salt & pepper and a good squeeze of lemon, but show me an order of calamari that doesn’t need a little help.

I realize that this brief meal is far from a fair representation of Bravo, but judging by my proximity, I’m sure I’ll be back again. Regardless, there have been very few times that I have walked away from Bravo displeased.

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