Tuesday, February 24, 2009

JCT Kitchen - Atlanta

After navigating the construction to Howell Mill Road, I knew I’d better get some lunch before I hit the road. Luckily JCT Kitchen was in the same complex as Star Provisions.

The first thing you notice about JCT is the design of the restaurant. Full of white washed woods and simple lines, this restaurant has a very open feel that made me feel immediately at home.

First things first, I needed a cool beverage, even though it was cold and breezy outside.

A Three Philosopher’s cherry lambic fit the bill for that afternoon. Not a bad beer, and it’s always interesting to try a domestic attempt at a Belgian style beer.

Whenever I try a new restaurant, I like to do a quick search and see what dishes the place is known for. For JCT Kitchen, one of those is the truffle parmesan fries.

I’ll admit these are pretty good fries, but not the orgasmic experience that many people on yelp wrote about.

I think these could have been better if the fries were crispier, and even though I could taste the truffle oil, it seemed to be a waste in this application.

The second dish that JCT is known for is the Springer Mountain fried chicken.

Like the restaurant, the presentation is very clean and simple.

Due to the nature of fresh fried chicken, JCT has a limited supply of chicken for each meal, and this was an extremely moist and rich chicken, but the skin was lacking the flavor that I’ve come to expect in fried chicken. It almost seemed like it had been double breaded for extra crispiness. The dish really seemed to be a waste of a good chicken.

I was hoping that the macaroni and cheese would pick up some of the slack.

Despite the mac & cheese being extremely rich, it was too soupy and ruined the whole bowl. Even the green beans suffered. Full of a subtle onion flavor, the green beans were just too greasy.

As pleasant as restaurant and its wait staff was, I can’t help but be disappointed in the actual products. The dishes seemed all very well intentioned but the delivery was extremely lacking. Maybe I would have been better off just going to Figo instead.

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