Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Deanie’s - Bucktown/New Orleans

Like dim sum before leaving Houston, my family has a tradition before leaving New Orleans: paying a visit to Deanie’s seafood in Bucktown. It might look a little rundown to the average passerby, but Deanie’s is a fine purveyor of fresh seafood.

You have to love brown gulf shrimp, especially when they’re fresh enough to be sold head on. I took home a few pounds of these U12 shrimp.

And I took home a few pounds of these 16-20’s

Wrapped up in ice and ready to go,

Even though these are blue fin crabs, these are a different animal from the crabs I enjoyed while in school. These are missing that familiar Old Bay seasoning and are instead covered in Cajun seasoning and always eaten cold. Regardless of geographic distance, these are mighty fine crabs.

What if you don’t like to pick your own crabs?

Here’s a crab stuffed with crawfish stuffing. Nicely spiced and fresh from the oven, these are a little slice of New Orleans to go.

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