Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crescent City Farmer’s Market - New Orleans

As far as I know, I’m one of the few people who will go to New Orleans and get up early to go to a farmer’s market. Saturday it was the Crescent City Farmer’s Market. It was a bright and sunny morning, and as a result, every single one of my pictures is bleached out and filled with reflections. Regardless, it was nice market.

I had a good conversation with the kettle corn man. He has a pretty good setup going, but I was a little miffed to learn how deceptively simple it is to make kettle corn.

You get a properly big kettle, heat up some soybean oil, and add the corn kernels.

After it gets good and hot, add a cup or so of sugar.

Bam kettle corn!

There were a variety of tables:

All manner of dips, from eggplant to hummus, and tabouli to salad dressing.

Local organic citrus

A whole truckload of vegetables from a scowling man.

Fresh gulf shrimp

The man from the Smith Creamery, about 40 miles from New Orleans. Smith Creamery is known for milk where the cream rises to the top. I’ve had my fair share of organic milk and this is a true standout.

The chocolate milk was exactly like drinking a chocolate milkshake.

A bounty of jams, jellies, and preserves.

Since I hadn’t had any morning caffeine, I consoled myself with some of this excellent bittersweet hot chocolate from Bittersweet Confections on Canal Blvd. This was the epitome of a rich drink. Made from Smith Creamery milk and featuring homemade marshmallows, I doubt I could have done much better for a morning beverage.

I did end up buying some mustard greens from the scowling man.

Even though there were some serious parking issues, I felt that the trip to Crescent City Farmer’s Market was a worthwhile investment for a Saturday morning. I’m always a fan of supporting local food and wares, and there are few better ways than through a local farmer’s market.

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