Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Crawfish Hut - Jackson

As I’ve previously mentioned the Fall is a special time; football is on, the holidays are coming, and the most important food of the year is on the way: crawfish. Granted it’s not February, but we’re not in the heart of good crawfish season, and last Sunday was the perfect time for a crawfish lunch.

The Crawfish Hut is my crawfish provider of choice.

Yes, it does look like a shack but this is the South, and sometimes the best food in the region comes from a shack.

These inconspicuous little cooler hold a bounty of goodness that few yankees will ever experience.

I realize the picture is hazy, but that’s a good thing. These crawfish are fresh from the boiler and full of spicy goodness.

I usually forgo the corn and take home a few potatoes to break the monotony.

Once home, I set the cooler on the counter, get the necessary beverages and paper towels and get to work.

It might seem like a daunting task. Sure you have to pull the little mudbugs in half, get the tail meat out, and suck the head, but it’s worth all the efforts. Although I have had a hard time explaining that to some visitors.

Crawfish really aren’t pleasant looking creatures. They have beady little eyes, lots of legs and pinchers, and are usually accompanied by an errant piece of swamp grass.

When you pull the sucker apart, you’re greeted with this. Many people are put off the little splotches of yellow, but they don’t know the value. That’s fat from the head, and due to the boiling, it’s full of flavor and it is delicious.

The two halves of the previously mentioned crawfish.

The aftermath, and the major downside to crawfish. There is a lot of leftover material when you eat crawfish.

Regardless, of the mess and a few squeamish yankees, I have never met a person who didn’t love Crawfish Hut crawfish, once they gave them a chance. Their crawfish are always as big as the season will allow, and they pack a spicy punch. Being next to Louisiana does have its benefits.

The Crawfish Hut on Urbanspoon
Crawfish Hut on Urbanspoon

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Cris said...

They look very very delicious! Maybe I'll visit there sometime. Can't wait to get'm soon.