Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cochon Butcher - New Orleans

I suppose being a great restaurant just wasn’t enough for Cochon; next door is the aptly named Butcher.

In addition to being a top knotch but small butcher shop, Butcher is also a sandwich counter. However, I already had reservations for brunch at the Commander’s Palace, so my purchases from Butcher were going straight into the cooler.

Bacon and chocolate, bacon bread, bacon cookies, bacon goes well with everything, so why not pralines? The bacon pralines are an odd duck. You don’t expect the smokey, salty taste to work well with the pure sugar of the praline, but after the first few bites, you’re hooked. These pralines really remind me of a pancake breakfast with bacon. Once you pour that maple syrup over your pancakes, you know some will get on your bacon. When it does, it’s one of the best things about breakfast.

A small but well done selection of house cured meats. I was a big fan of the coppa, the lonza was nice and peppery, but the soppresetta was lacking any punch.

When you celebrate using the whole pig, you have to have pickled pigs feet. I’ve found that people are more apt to try it when you call it a trotter.

This slab of bacon is going home with me.

Fresh boudin going into the cooler.

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of butcher shops and house cured meats, and Butcher delivers on both fronts. For me, this little store will be a definite stop on every future trip to New Orleans.

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