Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Breakfast at the Buckhead Bread Company – Atlanta

A nice thing about a trip out of town is that I get to enjoy a casual breakfast. By casual, I mean sitting down to a nice meal instead of grab a yogurt on the way out of the house. Per my sister’s suggestion and the promise of grits of the day, I headed down Piedmont road to the Buckhead Bread Company.

I’ve been to the Bread Company before and I couldn’t remember what I thought of it; that’s never a good sign. Needless to say I was disappointed when I was given a menu and there was no mention of grits of the day. Disheartened, I decided to try of my breakfast favorites, eggs Benedict

While I was waiting for service and waiting and waiting, and for good measure, waiting a little more, I glanced up and remembered something about the Buckhead Bread Company. The ceilings are hideous.

I’m sure the good people of the Buckhead Life restaurant group thought the combination of metal polka dots and neons would be dynamite. I think dynamite would be the solution.

After a solid 10 minutes of no service, a waitress came and took my order. In less than five minutes, she returned with a plate of eggs Benedict and Anson Mills stone ground grits.

I’ll start with the good part of this dish: the grits.

These grits were nice and coarse, a real stone ground texture. With some liberal use of salt, pepper, and butter, everything was in order.

As delightful as the grits were, the eggs were a pitiful representation of the classic dish.

The presentation is their first downfall. I realize that most restaurants use a mold to keep up their kitchen assembly line, but I found these formed eggs to be extremely unattractive. I only wish the appearance was the worst part of the dish. While the black forest ham was juicy, it was too overpowering and dominated everything even the hollandaise. Interestingly the ham and the English muffins were exact opposites. The biscuit was as hard as the ham was juicy. I couldn’t even cut the muffin with my knife.

Those poor asparagus, they never had a chance. I soon realized I was the recipient of the heat lamp special. It was no wonder my food had arrived so quickly.

Needless to say, I flagged down the waitress, paid my bill and was out in a flash. With terrible service, horrible food, and décor that made me lose my appetite, I was truly disappointed with this effort from the Buckhead Life restaurant group. I suppose I’ll just stick to their lunch and dinner offerings and find somewhere else for breakfast.

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